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​About us

Innovative, artisanal, artistic

Our parent company is global leader specialised in artificial flower's fabric. We created more than 300 fabrics to meet every need of artificial flowers' production, including the most innovative FEELING fabric which shows the soft and the freshness  of the natural flowers.

Every flower is hand crafted with love by our artisans who have more than 10 years experience. All manufacturing steps are carefully carried out: Holding,hemming,freehand,painting,combination. 

We focus not only on the quality of our flowers but also on the aesthetic side. We cooperate with many famous artists to make the flowers artistic

View from our Showroom in Paris

​Contact us

Heart of Paris

Tel. +33 1 40 70 71 21


Would you like to know more about ROCK AND FLOWERS? If so, do not hesitate to ask your question or pay a visit to our showroom. 

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